Listening to the Body Fluid, 2012
Video documentation of the performance
Original running time: 24:45, (Video excerpt: 01:20)

I knotted a lotus leaf made of my hair and installed it in the space. Around 60-70% of our body is made of water. When we quiet down our consciousness, we can listen to the subtle changes in the condition of our body fluid. When we are able to change the conditions of our body fluid, then we can transform our bodies into various conditions and beings - frozen, liquid, vaporized, and various states of being. Listening to the subtle changes in the hidden fluid means listening to the conditions of life. I showed a body as ice, changing to water, and then to evaporation. I moved like a tide; full and empty water through the body three times with a shakuhachi player. At the end of the performance, I visualized my own way of transforming. The lotus leaf made of human hair was the incarnation of the disappearing body. Directed and Performed by Jayoung Yoon Music and Sound by Zachary Skinner This work has been performed at the Tenri Cultural Institute, NY as part of The Mobile Tea Garden at Locating the Scared Festival.