My work draws upon the mind-matter phenomenon, exploring the relationship between memory, perception, and bodily sensations. Human hair, at once corporeal and a symbol of remembrance, has become my visual nexus for the intersection between body and mind.

I find that by using this tactile and delicate material in my work, people are invited to pay closer attention to the present moment. The nearly weightless sculptures composed of woven strands of hair move in space with the shifting airflow and respond to the viewer’s locomotion. These small movements in space, and intricate details, shift the viewer’s awareness of their surroundings and introduce subtle perceptions that are often taken for granted. Also, the semi-transparent sculptural forms are woven from the insubstantial strands of hair, representing ineffable thoughts and memories, which are frequently used in my video and performance works. These videos and performances depict ritualistic meditation ceremonies, often involving long-term actions that require endurance and silence. I shave my head, like a monk, symbolizing my detachment from the material world. The immersive quality of the videos, in conjunction with my androgynous appearance, creates an image that transcends my gender and personal identity. Meditating with my back to the camera invites viewers to experience my perspective and the process of clearing the mind.

In my recent work, I draw inspiration from Buddhist philosophy, specifically the concepts of form and emptiness, which highlight the interconnectedness and ever-changing nature of all phenomena. Through my art, I embark on a poetic exploration of form and emptiness, delving into the question of what emptiness truly signifies. To convey these ideas, I utilize shimmering veils meticulously crafted from human hair, provoking contemplation on the fleeting and ephemeral nature of our existence. They evoke a sense of fragility, inviting viewers to reflect upon the transient nature of life. Moreover, by intricately interweaving and knotting human hair over time, I hint at the underlying interconnectedness of all beings, symbolizing the interwoven fabric of existence.