My work draws upon the mind-matter phenomenon, exploring our memory, perception and bodily sensations. The primary medium in my work is human hair, a material that is intimately corporeal, tactile, and focuses the viewer’s attention on the body. Hair is also an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance, since it doesn’t decay until long after death. The insubstantial strands of hair are woven into semi-transparent sculptural forms representing thoughts and memories. Video and performance help me to capture physical interaction with the sculptures as a cleansing gesture: invisible thoughts are lifted away from my head or body, and disappear through meditative ritual.

In other works, I weave strands of my own hair into weightless sculptures and installations that move as the result of airflow in the room and respond to the viewer’s movement. These small movements in space, on an intricate scale, shift the viewer’s awareness of their surroundings and introduce subtle perceptions that are often taken for granted.

In my two-dimensional works, individual strands of hair are placed within layers of acrylic medium and beeswax. Pared down to their most reductive elements, these works provide a space where structure fades away into the painted ether, representing thoughts dissolving or surfacing between states of the conscious and subconscious mind.