Listening the Mind II, 2011
Video documentation of the performance
Original running time: 50:18, (Video expert: 02:00)

at Los Alerces National Park, Province of Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina

I installed a hair net in the forest and laid on the ground for an hour. I felt the subtle movements of the hair sculpture and listened to the sounds of birds and insects. Audiences allow to visit the site and watch the performance in silence. Location: Arroyo Camio Waterfall, Walking 45mins from the main office. Direction: Passed the first trail divide sign, and located in right after the Patagonian fox poster. Date & Time: March 19, 2011 4-5pm. Duration: 60mins Instalé una red de pelo en un claro en el bosque. Permanezco en el suelo por una hora. Siento el sutil movimiento de la escultura de pelo. Escucho los sonidos de pájaros e insectos. Ubicación: Camio a Arroyo Cascada, 45min. de caminata (pasando punto panorá-mico y cartel de zorro patagónico) Fecha & Hora: March 19, 2011 16hs. Duración: 60min