Ephemeral Presence II, 2013
Video documentation of the performance
Original running time: 20:00, (Video excerpt: 11:18)
This live performance was presented at SoHo Park, New York City as part of the 'Mind out of Time' Solo exhibition at Here Arts Center.

Performed by Jayoung Yoon & Keiko Hashimoto
Music by Yael Acher
Video by Zachary Skinner

July 26, 2013
Jayoung: I saw a beautiful silky spider web between the tree branches. The web was glowing from the sun light in the morning. I stood there for an hour to look at the spider web. At the last moment, one fly came and was captivated by the web, suddenly a spider appeared and grabbed it. I was surprised to see one life being taken by the almost invisible and beautiful web. Maybe our life and death are like this.

Aug 14, 2013
Keiko: Can we enter time through the section of life and death? In continuing discontinuation, life and death, life and death in each moment? No, we are already there, only we are blind.